10 Things for Every Girl to do in Courtship Period


Engagement is the word which gives the goosebumps to most of the girls. Like many of your friends, do you belong to the engaged people club? If yes, then you might be waiting to be with your ‘to be spouse’, as the distance between  must be killing you and so you want him to be with you every moment, right? But don’t allow your over excitement and over expectation to spoil your lovely courtship period. Invest this time wisely as you will cherish this memories forever after your marriage. Confused on what to do with him except chatting on mobile and wandering around the city with him in the car? Are you not able to get the privacy you want because you are always accompanied with cousins or relatives? Then this list of things you have to do anyhow to make the most of this “PHELA NASHA” period and not regret later by seeing your friends enjoy.

1.Know each other IN n OUT:  When you are meant to be with each other it doesn’t matter what was the universe’s plan. It could be attraction caused due to photos you saw of each other, it could be the courtesy or politeness you felt while meeting him and many such moments. Because love struck us at the most unexpected time. Thus utilize this time to the most and know each other’s fears, strengths, weaknesses, expectations, what makes them happy the most, his favorites in everything like movies, fruits, vegetables. Be silly sometimes and be smart at times to fetch the exact behavior of your soul mate so that you could be a little predictive and not upset him.

Talk to understand each other
Know each other deeply

2. Plan the gifts:  Gifts, cards and anything special you do during this period will be appreciated for life and showed off as well. What to gift? This question gets very annoying sometimes and you fail in thinking something good. Remember an expensive gift doesn’t work every time. Try something simple yet creative for him which wins his heart and builds the trust between you. For an idea you can write few of your positive observations about him on different papers, fonts readable enough from some distance and surprise him at an odd time with them so that your words speaks for you the most.

Plan the gift from heart
Gifts are difficult to decide

3. Plan your Weekends:  Do not let any of your weekends go waste and plan something different every time. Surat has much to offer this days, thus explore the city according to your preferences and conveniences and make memories the way you like. It could be the desi style or the elite way to accompany each other for the city tour which has street food to specific cuisines from the world to offer.

Plan your weekends
Weekends should be pre-planned

4. Know the past: Talk about each other’s past and past relationships to avoid any kind of misunderstandings later after marriage. Be crystal clear with your past related confessions so that it doesn’t hinder your future.

Talk about each other's past
Talk about past

5.Talk about future:  It is important to talk about future a lot. Discuss your expectations from each other, what are your career goals, how you wish to live after marriage, family planning and more. It is important to have a clear perspective about each other’s mentality about marriage and life after marriage.

Planning the future with spouse
Plan your future

6.Control your sexual desires: You have to control your sexual desires till marriage to enjoy your first night and honeymoon period. Be clear with your fiancé about not crossing physical intimacy limits before marriage so that you don’t feel pressurized when the guy loses his control on the desires. Controlling this desires is important to have a good 1st experience.

7.Have a Photo-shoot:  Plan a photo-shoot with your love of life and capture some natural moments in those clicks.

Photo-shoots are fun
Go for fun photoshoot

 8. Go for shopping together:  When you go for shopping together you understand his choices in clothes and thus you can opt such kind of clothes for your honeymoon and daily usage as well.

9. Keep family away if needed: Never discuss the problems if any between the two families in your conversations, because it could hurt the fragile relationship you are building now.

Do not discuss problems during engagement period
Do not involve family

10. Hangout with each other’s friends sometimes:  Friends help in keeping the mood lite and avoid any awkward situations if created any. Friends also play an important role in knowing each other better, getting to know their interests, helps you plan surprises, helps you understand their fears which could be connected with childhood bad memories. Friends have the deepest secrets which can be known and also they are the best people to cast in your pre-wedding shoots and videos.

Make the most of your courtship period and make your friends jealous. Let your creative mind come to some work. Let us know if you liked this tips and suggest other tips to us as well by commenting to us in the comment section.



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