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Why You Must Consult a Dietitian To Live Healthy Life.


“Just as everyone is different, everyone’s diets have to be different too…!!! That may be the reason you are not getting results.. as you are following someone else’s regime.” Well, that is my belief. I am Srushti Bothra and I am Surat based dietitian, consulting many patients successfully from last many years. Many times people ask me ‘What is the need for a dietician? We are healthy and we eat home cooked food only!” One needs to understand the role of a dietician in the life to live a healthy and long life. There are many factors that play a vital role to keep our self-healthy and fit. I provide personalized diets based on many factors such as: 1. BODY TYPE: A person’s body can be classified into three type – a. ECTOMORPH – The body is lean and long. People with ectomorphic body find it difficult to build muscles. b. ENDOMORPH – The body is big and broad (pear-shaped in women). People with endomorphic body have a high tendency to store fat. c. MESOMORPH – The body is muscular and well built. People with mesomorphic body have a high metabolic rate. 2. BLOOD GROUP: Blood group plays a major role in the way our body treats different types of food groups like fats, proteins, carbohydrates. So, a diet rich in one nutrient may be best for one type of blood group and worst for others. 3. LIFESTYLE: Our lifestyle impacts the functioning of the body. Some of the factors affecting our lifestyle are: a. Sleep b. Water intake c. Frequent outings d. Food habits e. The time interval between two meals And many more things. 4. METABOLISM- If our metabolism is slow (obviously because of poor lifestyle habits!!), our body won’t burn the fat no matter what!! This is called hypometabolism and this can cause metabolic syndromes like Diabetes, PCOD, Thyroid, etc. if not taken care of in long run. 5. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY- Some people get thin just by doing brisk walking and others can’t lose some grams even after a hardcore workout. (Unfair, I know!!). But this again depends on the factors mentioned above. 6. FAMILY HISTORY- It’s very IMPORTANT!!! Always tell your dietitian if any metabolic syndrome like diabetes / CVD (cardiovascular diseases) run in your family; both maternal and paternal side. It will help you take precaution before its too late. 7. DIETARY HABITS- If you are Punjabi & following Japanese Sushi Diet (after googling its amazing effects on the internet), you may lose some pounds but may turn crazy after following it for some time. You’ll crave delicious chhole-kulcha and the craving hormone leptin will hinder your weight loss journey. NOTE:The FAD diets are not sustainable to lose weight. “As a dietitian, it is very important for me to check these all factors and then plot a personalized diet plan which my client can follow happily without disturbing their mind and body in an extreme way. And this is going to give them 100% result in getting the perfectly sculpted body.”

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