5 Strong Reasons Why a Girl Should Work after Marriage


A Girl, after her marriage from daughter – she becomes daughter in –law, wife and eventually a mother. And thus she gets so busy in her family responsibilities that she forgets her own dreams. She leaves her work and performs her routine duties.

In a country like India, a daughter is brought up with the thought that her primary duty is to take care of her family after marriage.

But trust her, she has the capability of doing both the things simultaneously i.e. taking care of the family as well as work professionally.

Here are the five strong reasons why a girl should “WORK” ever after marriage.

1. Self-Respect: When a woman curtailed herself from professional life after marriage, she loses her creativity, productivity as well as confidence in herself. Better, she should work, although with time management that will definitely give her self-satisfaction of doing something.

2. Financial Freedom: Although her husband is earning a handsome amount but spending your own earned income gives you different joyful feelings. One will not be dependent on a husband for small things. Even she can do savings for her future necessities.

3. Family Support: All the time is not the same, you never know when the time changes. Working women will definitely give a hand of support to her family at the time of crisis.

4. Role Models for your Children: Parents are always the first teacher of their kids-specially moms. If mom is professionally active, her children will definitely follow her. At the same time mom will always be respected as she is learned and contributing productively in the society.

5. Self-Development: Learning new things means giving oneself a chance to develop. One cannot develop herself only by sitting within the four walls. For her own development, she has to go out and experience new things which help her to develop to the fullest.

Career options available for girls are a Nutritionist, Digital Marketing, Financial Advisors, Company Secretary, C.A., Hospitality, Aeronautics and many others.

So girls, what are you waiting for? Just pull your socks and paint your life with flying colours!


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