Pinterest is everyone’s favourite go-to platform. It provides you with unlimited creative ideas and information. It is so versatile that it has the world’s biggest collection of art, creativity, designs, quotes etc.

The most stagnant power of Pinterest is, it influences us to make a purchase. Because of this reason, no other social media could replace Pinterest from its being distinct. Its visual interface makes it easier and more fun-loving. It allows you to keep your boards and pin very organized.

The feature of pinning to a corresponding board has induced the users to pin and spend extra time. This wonderful platform assists people to find inspiration and share ideas. Pinterest is the perfect platform for influencers, bloggers, designers, developers, marketers, and creatives.

To help you find some fresh new ideas, I’ve made a list of 5 Top Pinterest Profiles to follow, if you’re looking for an inspiration for delivering exceptional content.

1. Joy Cho / Oh Joy!: Founder and Creative Director of Oh Joy!

Followers: 14 Million | Monthly Viewers: 10 M+ 

Most followed Pinterest account
Pinterest Boards on Clothing, Beauty products, Creative accessories, Home decor etc.

Oh Joy! has her extravagant popularity as a designer, blogger and food enthusiast. She’s truly a megastar of Pinterest. She has a various collection of the board relating to fashion, beauty, clothing, hair, cooking, travel, home decor, stationery and office etc.

Nonetheless, she has created a board with a wide range of niche for every possible segment. Her profile is beautifully presented with a pastel colour scheme. Overall, she has maintained an eye-catchy and aesthetic profile for users.

2. Maryann Rizzo: Interior Designer

Followers: 9 Million | Monthly Viewers: 3.2 M+

Interior Designer
Pinterest Boards on Interior Designs, Kitchenware, Weddings & Events, Accessories etc.

Maryann Rizzo is an astounding Interior Designer. She has 168 boards with an impressive number of pins. One of her board has over 6,451 pins.

Some of her popular pins are on: Everything (her most popular board name), wedding & events, architectural details, gardening, kitchenware etc.

She has created a specialist board, showcasing innovative designs and trending features. Her boards are bifurcated for easy browsing as her boards are centred with various appealing design categories.

3. Mashable: Social Media Tips & News- Latest Technology | Gadgets

Followers: 2 M | Monetary Viewers: 10 M+

Pinterest Boards on Technology, Gadgets, Social Media Tips & News

Mashable is the largest independent website dedicated to news, information and resources. For the most, Mashable is one of the popular brands on Pinterest.

Mashable has a fascinating collection of digital culture and innovation. This shapes connected lives.  It deals with cutting edge social media current trends and news. It’s no surprise that hey pull it off Pinterest so well.

It hosts Pinterest sweepstakes and boasts over thousands of pins of visual eye-candy infographics. Mashable pins cover photos that link to resourceful content, such as “Best Free Web Hosting Sites on Internet” and “Ways to make it easier for adults to Learn to Code”.

This is the best practice of Pinterest: while aesthetic images are bread and butter for Pinterest, guides and resourceful content are incredibly valuable.  

4. Poppytalk: Lifestyle, Design Blog & Creative Studio 

Followers: 10 Million | Monthly Viewers: 10 M+

DIYs Tutorial
Pinterest Boards on creative design, DIYs Tutorial, nutrition.

Poppytalk is a wonderful La la land for many Pinterest users. It is a Lifestyle and a Design blog, no wonder it would have an aesthetic look.

The Pinterest board is nicely framed with all types of DIYs, craftwork, nutrition, interior design etc.

Bloggers and Influencer should not miss out following Poppytalk. If you have a similar interest, you must follow Poppytalk and learn to keep profile good looking. You can collab with Digital marketing agency which will maintain your social media network and keep your profile updated and appealing.

5. Bonnie Tsang: Creative Director at bonnietsang.com | Photographer 

Followers: 7 Million | Monthly Viewers: 973.2k 

Bonnie Tsang
Pinterest Boards on photography, Interior Design, Crockery, Workspace etc.

Time Magazine has named Bonnie Tsang as one of the “Top 30 Pinterest Curator to Follow”.  Any passionate photographer and Interior Designer must follow her to get inspiration.

Pinterest board of Bonnie Tsang cover a wide range of design and fashion topics. But she has also covered her food board nicely. Her most popular board includes Living Space, Things, B’s Style etc.

Every social media geek is connected with the current social media news site or Digital marketing news. You must stay connected with such sites content and keep yourself updated.


The biggest takeaway from these profiles is how to keep our Pinterest aesthetic and easy to refer when in need. Some of us might not be regular users, and some would be as addicted as we are to other social media. Always try to keep your Pinterest profile resourceful, knowledgable and aesthetically different from the rest. To know more about fashion and lifestyle please visit Girl in Neighbour. To manage your social media and content, always hire the best agency, who is a pioneer in digital marketing.


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