6 Reasons that Keep Girls Away from Marriage Decision


Which one word gives the nightmare to a girl above age 21? If you are thinking the same what most of the girls think then the word that came to your mind is correct, it is Marriage. Traditionally it is said that “Shaadi ka Laddu khaye wo bhi pachtaye or na khaye wo bhi pachtaye”. Every girl wants to get marry but at the same time, in some corner of her heart, she has some fear about changes that will occur in her life after the marriage. Today we are living in the modern era, where there is no such big change can happen in any girl’s life but then to changes has to happen. Today let’s have a look at the reasons why girls are facing Marriage Phobia.

1. Fear to lose Independence: In today’s era, we are living in very much free atmosphere, where no one is blind to give any answer to anyone about their life. If a person is single she can come and go anywhere anytime for anything but once you are married, there will be definitely some restrictions for which today’s girls are not mentally prepared to follow.

2. Big Change in Life: When you get two from one, many changes occur in your lifestyle. Sometimes many things have to be compromised, maybe because of your spouse choice or tastes. Girls may have fear of that big change, as she has to leave her own home and has to go to her spouse place.

3. No more pampering: Every girl is the princess of her parents. Brought up of the girls must be full of pampering, so these girls being pampered angel will have a fear that she might not get the same comfort zone at the new place.

4. Career Obstruction: When a girl gets married, obviously her responsibilities will also increase. Or there might be the mindset of some families in a country like India that a girl should not work after her marriage – “Hamari Bahu Bahar Kaam Nahi Kar Sakti”. So these girls who are learned and smart cannot sit at home and this leads to the creation of tension for such girls.

5. Commitment phobia: Today’s girls are educated and earning, so these girls have their own choice of living. So they have the fear “what if things do not work properly”?, “what if they don’t compete with one another”?

6. Maintaining the “Marriage Protocol”: As soon as a girl gets married, expectations start from her family like having kids, taking care of them, saving for their education, etc. and thus a girl will have a fear that she may lose her own choice of living.


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