8 Dos and Don’ts of Eating Habits to Follow This Diwali


Diwali is the time we can’t contain our excitement. be it for shopping, new clothes, crackers but the main thing that tops our Diwali excitement is food. All the Diwali delicacies are amazing. Especially, homemade. But nowadays we avoid having them like we used to have a decade ago.
The craze has gone down because of two reasons:

1) No time to make at home
2) The items are mostly sweet or deep fried

But is it really right to do so?
Is avoiding Diwali delicacies going to help you stay slim? The answer is NO!!!


1. Make food items at home: Making them at home is going to give you a good workout the process of grinding crushing and skillfully making the items really requires a lot of calorie burn so the ball is in your court if you think about workouts

2. Follow Grand mother’s recipe: It is true that old people were quite wiser. All the exclusive ingredients that are used in food during Diwali have special nutritional value they are high in micronutrients and act like special treat do your otherwise “micronutrient depleted” body.

3. Most of the sweets are made by adding ghee in it. So the diabetic people don’t need to completely stay away from it, they can enjoy a small portion for satisfying the taste buds. But mind you, the sweet has to be homemade & in pure ghee.

4. Same applies to namkeen items. There is no harm in having these. Don’t count calories in terms of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Look at how rich is the food in nutritional value.

5. Eat nuts and dry fruits. They are going to help you stay strong during the winters.


1. Don’t have chocolates: Forgetting the laddoos and Barfi, we have started this chocolate exchange trend on Diwali. But it is the worst thing you can feed your body under the name of Diwali gifts. Our traditional sweets stand on the top in terms of “health benefits”!!!

2. Avoid ready-made items: Because you never know how they are fried or in which ghee or oil they are made. We don’t reuse the oil for frying at home. But outside items don’t come with that guarantee. And it is very harmful to our health.

3. The thing that makes us put on Diwali weight is not Food but Lifestyle. So, stop blaming the traditions.

  • Alcohol: It has become a trend under the name of Diwali party to consume alcohol, which is one of the reason that liver metabolism slows down & you don’t burn fat efficiently.
  • Late Nights: Sleep pattern is completely disturbed because of late Nights we spend drinking and playing cards. Also, we end up eating more in the time period we were supposed to sleep.
  • Going for a fat-free and sugar-free substitute: These only suppress our guilt and increase the body’s craving for REAL food. Better have a piece of the sweet or fried item rather than a big portion of fat-free or sugar-free replacement.

So, in short, celebrate your Diwali in the way you have been celebrating since childhood. Forget the calorie count because our body needs nutrition food rich more than lower calorie food.

If you still worry about whatever you have consumed during Diwali and the holidays after Diwali, it is always a good idea to go on a light food or Detox diet for a day or two before resuming healthy routine.

But go for any diet only under the supervision of a dietitian. You can connect to me (Dt. Srushti Bothra) for the same.

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