The Journey so far

India is the fastest-growing country when it comes to the adaptation of the internet and mobile connectivity. Indian liberalization is changing its definition. At the same time, the voice against gender discrimination is at its peak. Millennials and Gen Z are redefining the economy of the country and the country is running fast with the internet in hand. Marketing is changing fast and so the behavior of the consumers.

In April 2017, Surat-based iVIPANAN Digital Marketing services realized the need for a community that speaks for women of society. The company’s girl team launched a blog and a community that started writing and talking about females’ fantasies, choices, lifestyle, fashion, selection, and career. The name of the community was Girl in Neighbour.

The community has grown up well under the community leader Shruti Sheth since then. Reaching out to different colleges and universities to spread awareness of the internet and social media security and privacy concerns. Community’s Facebook platform was flooded with many personal talks and interviews with industry experts raising sensitive issues of the society.

New Beginning

The year 2020 came as a realization of the change. Heavily affected by the pandemic, industries have suffered big losses. Mass marketing doesn’t look like the solution. It required a more specific audience to target – more gender-specific – more demographically defined.

Realising the need of the time and demand of the market, on 24th October 2020, Girl in Neighbour relaunched with new goals, a new vision, a new name, and a new identity. The community is now known as – She the Power.

She the Power defines the strength of feminism. While people around us are talking about women empowerment, we talk about powerful women. Women are the source of power. They are born with power. They ignite the power in society. No one needs to empower the source of power! She is the face of power, she signifies power.

The Work

She the Power is an initiative by iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services. The community runs different programs parallelly.

Online Publishing: As the need of the market, She the Power brings the first of its kind of service to provide digital platforms for local businesses to feature their products and services to target female audience. We understand the need of the businesses and hence our digital marketing expert team of girls help the local businesses to give value for their marketing budget.

Blogging: We speak liberally about female’s fantasies, dreams, and desires. Our blog platform gives words to each woman’s unspoken words. We invite young girls to come and write their hearts out on our blog platform.

Community: Continuous and consistent empowerment is the need of any human being. We provide paid community membership to women. We invite industry experts periodically to deliver a session to our community members. It helps our members not only gaining knowledge but it gives them the confidence to grow professionally too.

Digital Marketing: The challenge to the small local businesses is the marketing budget. Online publishing platforms give them an idea and exposure to the power of the internet. Once initiating with our online publishing marketing campaigns, we help them to step forward with more defined and customized digital marketing solutions under our parent company iVIPANAN’s banner.

What is this community about?

Women empowerment is the process to create power in the women to live a happy, independent and respectful life. Women are empowered when they are able to explore opportunities in different fields such as fashion, lifestyle, corporates, education, etc. without any limitations and restrictions. It includes raising status through education, literacy, awareness, skill enhancement and training. It includes the authority to make decisions. When a woman takes crucial and acute decisions, she feels empowered.

Why should you join?

Are you facing stage fear?

Do you hesitate to promote your products?

Are you camera conscious?

Who can join?

Do find difficulty in starting your own business?

Hesitate to communicate with your colleagues?

Worrying about fund management?

Do you feel you are an introvert?

 It is ok not to be smart but it is absolutely not ok to remain like that. We provide a platform for every stratum of society to join our community programs.

Corporate females: The females who are working in corporates and want to polish themselves in different fields. This community provides you with the platform for networking

This community is instrumental in encouraging women to be their best selves and realise that they are strong when they come together. We believe and are confident that empowered women definitely bring positive change in society.

How communities help raise the power:

  1. To find comfort space:  In a world where women are targeted by online bullying, they often end up reducing online presence or alter the content to avoid negative interactions. This community is a comfy place because it makes it easier for her to be candid, original and authentic.
  2. Professional growth and removal of barriers: From professional accomplishment and guidance to mental health support and workplace obstacles- She The Power is a space where females come together and share career opportunities for each other.
  3. To break the Taboos: It’s a traditional belief that women have to be shy and should be limit in terms of expression of ideas and communication. But She The Power is the platform where she expresses her ideas, thoughts independently and without any fear of being rejected.
  4. To magnify her voice: As per traditional mentality, from childhood girls are restricted to speak. Due to this reason, the habit to become an introvert is inculcated in her. She the Power is the platform where she is trained to speak in the public and raise her voice for her betterment and career.
  5. To find a cheerful Squad: This platform not only provides professional growth but will also give a group of friends that will make your life happy and lively. 

Our Team

Community Leader:

Shruti Sheth is a community leader. The co-founder of iVIPANAN is the backbone of She the Power. With more than 14 years of career, she has anchored Girl in Neighbour during its inception. Under her guidance, only in a very short span, the community became a familiar name in the city.

Coordinator & PR:

Unnati Gosai

Creative Team:

Reshma Rohida


Isha Raval

Siddhi Jain

Mira Davawala

Manisha Srivastava

Technical Head:

Divya Mistry

Community Mentor:

Bhautik Sheth