Accessorize your fashionable look with Pompom


Now a day, Pompom in Indian fashion wear has really caught an eye like a forest fire. A long time ago, Pompoms were used to add grace to the traditional Indian dresses but as time passes people start falling in love with the flare and playfulness of the Pompom sewed on western as well as on indo-western wear. Pompom style fashion is very easy to introduce in every style and dress. The best thing about this fashion is that they are very versatile that they can be used at anywhere and anyhow. They are so adaptable that they can be a part of the dress or even accessories. Anyone can do this all by themselves. They just need to stitch them on their top, kurtis, bags, hair bands, earrings, boots, belts, sandals, gift box or on any other accessories.

These colorful balls are fun, flirty and flowy for all the seasons, functions and festivals. They surely complete wardrobe of any common girl for any affair. Pompoms are designed in such a way that they can make anything more fun and these colorful little balls look so beautiful when they are hanging at the edge of the shirt sleeves, dress and the bottom of shorts or skirt. Girls can even try Pompoms on shoes as it gives so adorable look. Fashion risk taker can also try wearing Pompom colorful foot chain to turn any pair of sandals into multi-colored sandals.
Pompoms are such that they add the peppy look to the clothes and accessories. There is no restriction on wearing Pompom in any particular season but generally, girls are likely to prefer it in summer season as it embellishes the look of the boring and simple outfit so that it gives a trendy and colorful look.

Let’s learn how to create DIY Pompom for any clothes or accessories:

Other than making a PomPom with a fork or just with fingers, cardboard discs are the most traditional method and also easiest method for kids.

Material: A piece of cardboard, Yarn / Wool of the desired color, Pen, Scissor, Blade, A large circle (e.g. Cup utensil)

DIY PomPom:
1. Cut out two large circle discs using a large circular cup utensil.
2. Draw the small circle in the center on both round cardboard and maintain the appropriate distance between inner and outer circle as it determines how big a Pompom will be.
3. Cut out a smaller circle from both the circular disc.

4. Put both cardboard discs together and it will work as Pompom maker tool.
5. Start wrapping yarn on round cardboard. The thicker it is wrapped, the fluffier will be the Pompom.

6. After using a large amount of wool to make Pompom, start cutting the yarn with scissor/blade as shown in the picture.

7. Be careful of short pieces of yarn which do not fall out from the central hole.

8. Carefully wrap a long piece of wool thread between the two cardboard and around your Pompom. Tie it off as tightly as possible.

9. Pull your Pompom out and it is ready to accessorizing and enhancing.

Experiment with the different size of circles will help in making different size of PomPom.


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