An Initiative to Empower Girls for Internet Security By #DigitalGirl Campaign


The global scenario of distribution of the internet users very much balanced compare to India. Globally, the percentage of male internet users is 56% and female users is 44% as per December 2017 data (source: UNICEF). But the Indian condition of internet users is very disturbing. For the same time period, there are 71% male internet users in India whereas only 29% female internet users. This data is thought-provoking. India has registered the highest number of internet users in last year or so globally and hence it becomes important to understand the reason for the imbalance between two internet using genders in India. The #DigitalGirl campaign is an initiative to empower girls for internet security and social media privacy taken by iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services.

The agenda is to sensitize young girls, who are at a critical stage of accepting and being empowered by the internet, to the threats they may face online, and equip them with the tools they need to protect themselves online. The program takes the form of discussions and seminar, where students hear from an expert team of girls and also share their experiences. Girls of Girl in Neighbour leaves the program with more awareness of the threats and how to keep themselves safe online and also spark the dialogue of #DigitalGirl with their peer groups and cohorts.

This is an honest attempt to ensure the online safety of women and girls who are most prone to the hazards of an open platform. Another idea is to encourage girls to take their career perspective very seriously with the help of Social media. We launched this campaign on 11th September 2018 by conducting the first session at SDJ International College where more than 250 female students remained present. With the cooperation of HODs of BBA, BCA and BCom streams, the first attempt to encourage the girls was quite satisfactory.

digital girl empowerment
SDJ International College (BBA, BCA, BCom.)

In a week time period only, our team reached out to the other two colleges in Surat, Bhagwan Mahavir College of Management (MBA) and S R Luthra Institute of Management (MBA). Along with female students, the female faculties remained present to attend the session.

empower girls for internet security
Bhagwan Mahavir College of Management (MBA)
woman empowerment surat gujarat

The enthusiasm and participation of the girls were superb and overwhelming. Students kept asking the questions and the problems they normally face like cyberbullying and trolling.

s r luthra college mba
S R Luthra Institute of Management

We are going to visit many more college before Diwali and our objective is to reach out to the maximum number of colleges across Gujarat. This is the mammoth task and our team of girls is committed to spreading the awareness and knowledge of internet security and social media privacy to the females. Interested colleges can contact us at 98794 56211 to organize a seminar in their college. Let’s grow digitally together! 


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