The Best Pet Shop in Surat- Twinkle Pet Station

Pet Shop in Surat- Twinkle Pet Station

Twinkle Pet Station is a one-of-a-kind pet shop in Surat, Gujarat. A one-stop solution where you can find a wide range of pet supplies including pet foods, toys, accessories, supplements, clothes, and deodorants.

They also provide the best pet grooming services like pet spas, dental care solutions, haircuts, massage, skincare, and styling. 

Pet grooming in Surat

They cater to animals like dogs, cats, exotic birds, rabbits, and hamsters and supply high-quality foods suitable for them.

Pet Shop in Surat

Mr. Mitesh Jariwala, the owner of Twinkle Pet Station is mastering the field since 1981. Being the forerunner of pet breeding in Surat, he owned his first Indian Breed, a stray dog from Udhana. His journey has not stopped since then.

Mitesh was inspired by the concept of pet breeding and conceptualized mating selected dogs with the intention of producing specific qualities and maintaining breed standards.

In the year 1989, he mated a German Shepherd which he found on the streets with a Doberman, and sold the pups to loving homes. He also managed to import German Shepherds which were considered a luxury in the Indian culture.  

His love for dogs grew to no bounds. In 1991, he bought an Import Bloodline G.S.D female from an Indian farmer named cookie.

He attended the Hub of Dog trader & Breeder in Bangalore & Pune and bought a German Shepherd, Labrador, Doberman pups, and a Pomeranian at a cost of 200-900 per pup. He registered his kennel as Twinkle Kennel at KCI- Kennel Club of India.

His journey was never limited to breeding dogs and mastering their various characteristics. Instead, he started attending several dog shows. The pet shows intrigued him a lot.

He himself started participating in the show with his excellent dogs. Under the banner of several national and international judges, he secured first prize in the category of Best-Bred Dog and Best Show. He attended glamorous pet shows in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bangalore, Chennai, and Goa.

Best Pet Shop in Surat
Best Pet Shop in Surat
Best Bred Dog Show Competition

He rose to enormous fame when he bred the first-ever British Bulldog in Gujarat. He gave several interviews that led him to become even more passionate about his field.

Pet Shop in Surat

He was recognized by the Gujarat police and was selected as the sniffer dog provider for the police team. He provided the police force with a Doberman Labrador pups. He also provided extensive training and conducted a thorough workshop on puppy management with police officers.

The interaction inspired him to start selling dog foods and turned his dream into a profession. In 2006 he opened his first Pet Shop- Twinkle Pet Station in Surat. His aim was to provide excellent and high-quality pet foods to his customers. Since the establishment, Mitesh has not turned back.

With 30 years of experience in the pet field, he has mastered the animals and supplies the best-of-class pet services to them.

As of now, The Twinkle Pet Station in Surat boasts a huge range of pet supplies and high-quality pet supplements from high-end companies and importers.

His legacy is carried forward by his son Mr. Tanish. Tanish is a certified pet groomer from Mumbai. At the age of 23, he became the first-ever pet groomer in Surat, Gujarat. He also plans to take up a pet grooming course from abroad.

Pet Shop in Surat
Pet Expert in Surat

Mitesh and Tanish plan to take their pet shop to new levels. They want to enhance their pet grooming services and make their shop a one-stop solution for every pet’s needs.

Do you have a pet and need them to be groomed? Or want high-quality pet foods for your beloved animals? Are you looking for pet consultations from the best pet shop in Surat?

At Twinkle Pet Station get advice from pet experts.

For pet grooming services, Contact: 8141936838 | 9913474344.  

Or, you can also consult Shama Jariwala presiding in Canada for the latest pet solutions, new pet tools, and accessories.

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