Common Myths Related to Diet & Weight Loss

  1. Jaggery is a good substitute to sugar: Both come from the same source i.e., Sugarcane. Jaggery is made traditionally whereas table sugar is bleached & refined which is why it is crystal clear. But both are SUGARS!!! 1 gm of glucose (be it sugar/jaggery) has 4kcals. So, don’t swap jaggery for sugar to lose weight/control sugar levels.
  2. Slimming belts & creams burn the body fat & make you fit: Slimming belts generate heat on skin surface leading to sweating. The body gets dehydrated because of water loss in form of sweat. Slimming creams are messaged on target areas like tummy, thighs, arms for “Spot Reduction”. They work on the same mechanism as slimming belts. They dehydrate the skin and “InchLoss” is seen after water under the skin is lost.
  3. More sweat = More calories burnt: Not at all!! Sweating is the body’s mechanism to maintain right body temperature. It has got nothing to do with burning fat/calories. So, STAY AWAY from products like “Slimming Belts and Creams” which promise you a healthy and fit body.
  4. Warm lemon water is the best thing to have an empty stomach in the morning: The warm lemon water has nothing to do with burning up the fat. It has negative effects on the body instead!! The molecular composition of lemon water at warm temperature pulls out the calcium from the bones, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. Also, people drinking warm lemon water in the morning are diagnosed with lower serum calcium levels.
  5. Brisk walk post meal aids digestion & weight loss: NO!! It doesn’t After meal our stomach starts digestion (breakdown & absorption) of food for which it needs a maximum blood supply. When you rush for a walk hoping to digest all that you had in the meal, you are actually obstructing the process of digestion by diverting the blood supply to your arms & legs. Just do some light roaming within the house (not more than 100 steps) to feel easy after a heavy meal if you feel.
  6. Cutting carb intake is the best way to lose weight: All carbohydrates are not responsible for making you overweight. The carbohydrates are categorised in 2 types:

a. Bad Carbs (Simple Carbohydrates)

  • They lack fibre & low in nutrients
  • They have empty calories. Which, if in excess, get stored as fat in the body

Example: Cane Sugar, Refined Bread, White Rice/Pasta, Bottled Sauces, Cakes, Biscuits, Sodas, etc.

b. Good Carbs (Complex Carbohydrates)

  • They are high in fibre and nutrients.
  • They are calorie dense (i.e. the feeling of fullness in less calories)
  • They naturally stimulate

Example: Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, Whole Grains, Quinoa, Beans, Nuts, Vegetables, Seeds.

SO, DON’T ELIMINATE WHOLE CARBOHYDRATE GROUP FROM YOUR DIET. Just stop having simple carbs & feel the difference.

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