Denim on Denim for the Sexy Cow Girl Look on Any Occasion


Have you ever observed a girl in printed top on printed bottom? Or same kinda fabric for top and bottom? This combination must be weird for many but there is a choice of fabric material which looks stunning on top and bottom at the same time! The girls like to go all with denim at any occasion and who doesn’t like to show herself in the cowgirl mode? Denim clothing is an evergreen fashion for teenage girl or for those who loves to go out with their fiancée. 

Every common girl knows that adding a denim to her wardrobe is an instant way to make her look trendy. The all-season clothes are not out of fashion and thanks to your pair of jeans and that ripped jeans jacket for that. Nowadays, denims are in for college girls and they are wearing not only at bottom but also as a top wear. It can be one of the most comfortable and versatile apparel which a girl can carry at any occasion. As we know all fashion items have specific time and place to carry but girls can choose denim at any time or anywhere without any hesitation. Even girls can wear it with different combinations of top-bottom colors. Whatever style of denim girl chooses will definitely give signature look to her style.

You find the varieties of denim like jeans, short top, short jacket, long jacket, skirt, gown top, palazzo pants etc. A normal girl might not purchase the jeans top or bottom so frequently due to the limitation of the budget but that is the beauty of denim! Use your denim with different combination to give the old one a new look. It is natural to have at 4-5 denim bottoms in her wardrobe capsule. Life of denim fabric is longer compare to other routine fabric so girls can enjoy the company of denim for a longer time and fashion of denims will never go out of trend. Denims are like wine. The older it gets, the precious it becomes!

Denim combo looks sexy in the winters but not so in the summer. Don’t make a hasty decision to wear it in hot season because of its thicker fabric. Denim pair looks amazing when it is correctly paired, but one silly mistake in choosing perfect combination can mess girl’s overall look.

Few style out of so many, girls can select any for her denim on denim get up:

  • Choose different color combination of denim for bottom and top.
  • Try to select darker shade for bottom and lighter shade for top as it helps her to get perfect body look.
  • If girls like to try something different, then she can select palazzo pant from denim with high heels and short tight crop top.
  • Girls can even choose denim pants with free top and add long jacket on whole apparel.
  • Tuck-in denim shirt on denim for formal appearance.
  • Wear knee length high heel shoes to look hot and wild!
  • The classic blue on blue denim is all time hit for any size girl.

Hey girls, these are not the only tips to follow because we are living in the era where fashion changes every second. You can create your own creative combination of denim top and bottom. If you have more ideas, then we would like to know new paring tip for denim from your side too.


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