Welcome to the technical (aka boring) part of our blog. Since many people raise the question on the bloggers’ integrity and originality, we are writing this disclaimer.  If we have missed anything out – or if you just want to say hi – please contact us at


Everything you see on this site has been made by us, unless otherwise stated. Of course, we understand that sometimes our images may be shared across the internet, and whilst that’s perfectly fine we do ask that people link back to this website as the source, because, you know, we should get credit and we are eligible to earn too. All images are taken using our personal Nikon D5300 camera/iPhone/Samsung Note/Samsung Galaxy phone. If the pictures we are using are not clicked by us or in which we have not modeled, we take those pictures from free stock image sites. We do not use copyright images on this blog.


As a perk of being a blogger, we are often sent free items in exchange for product placement on our blog, and whilst we do appreciate every offer we get, we are very selective when it comes to choosing and accepting free things. All of our thoughts and opinions are completely genuine, regardless of whether something has been given to us or not. If we don’t like something that has been sent to us, we will either refrain from posting about the item or continue to create an honest, depending on the brand’s preference.


Like many bloggers we often use affiliate linking to gain a small amount of commission when linking to products. Since it’s 100% free to read blogs like our own, we personally don’t have a problem with bloggers making a little bit of pocket money as they type. Even so, when using affiliate links, we always ensure that we link to either the exact products mentioned or at least something very similar.


Much like the products that are sent to us, when it comes to including sponsored posts on our blog, we have a few set personal rules that we make sure we stick to when considering paid content. Whilst we do appreciate that SEO is an important part of being on the internet, we do not accept pure SEO-based posts that don’t benefit us in any way. Of course, content that is related to our blog may be considered, but again this is no guarantee. When it comes to posting sponsored content, we do not accept text that is pre-written by anyone other than ourselves, purely because we want to keep this blog completely true to our style and personality. Prices for sponsored posts vary depending on the work and social media support that goes into them.


When dealing with other companies we are often asked how long it will take for us to publish various posts when featuring sponsored product(s). As noted above, we are completely transparent when it comes to our opinion on things, and sending us something will not always guarantee placement in a blog post.