Easy Tips to Create Mindful Eating Habits in Busy Life


Firstly, what is mindfulness? It is the state of being conscious or aware of something. Similarly, mindful eating refers to eating your food consciously, with 100% attention.

It is a completely different concept from dieting. When you are on a diet, you just blindly follow what your dietitian says. When you start practising mindful eating, you realise it is a self- exploration journey. Let me help you by briefing about what EXACTLY is mindful eating about.

Nowadays we have stopped doing anything mindfully because of hectic schedule & fast life.

Like, when we work, we think about food, but when we are having food, we are worrying about work. The result- Work performance graph goes down & weight gain graph goes up!!!

Think, if we make a slight change in above routine, i.e. eat mindfully, you won’t get distracted by the thought of food while working and your health & work graphs will shoot up in right directions.

Pay Attention:

  • What caused the thought of eating (emotions/hunger)
  • Is it required & healthy?
  • Are you sensing the food? i.e. smell, taste, texture of food
  • How are you feeling during & after having it?
  • How satisfied are you pre, during & post that meal?
  • What is the origin and how is food processed?


  • You start feeding your Body & not Emotions!!
  • You start enjoying the food thoroughly
  • You realise if the food you are planning to have is healthy or not
  • You prevent yourself from overeating in social events, late nights, movies, etc.
  • You learn the impact of different foods on your mind & emotions
  • You learn the impact of different foods during workouts & relaxation


  • Its old school theory but you Need to chew your food well.
  • Wait a moment before having next bite.
  • Close your eyes for a moment and relish the first bite you have
  • Try to identify ingredients in the food
  • Take modest portion (do not worry about starving, you can always have second helping if not satisfied)
  • Do not sit with big portions in plate
  • GRATITUDE is important! Be grateful for the food that fuels your body

This all sounds common & easy. But trust me, once you develop a mindful relationship with food, your life will change drastically in every aspect for better. Keep the above points in mind and give a try to Mindful Eating. Let me know your experience in person.

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