Fashion Accessories Every College Girl Must Own


College days are the time when any girl can try different style with unique accessory. Accessory with any simple casual and formal wear gives you a different look. But trend for accessories are changing very rapidly and spending loads of money to buy expensive and fashionable accessories is not advisable for routine college life.

Any girl can get reasonably likable look by adding essence of style statement accessory in her daily get up and we are lucky that in our city – ‘Surat’, we have one famous fashion street in old city called ‘Chauta Bazaar’ where girls can find hundreds of small street shops especially for girls adornment with low price and trendy with variety of designs. Let’s have a look at few accessories which girl should wear during her college days.

1. Backpack/Handy Tote Bag: Only girls have variety of options in different designs of bags and girls usually love to carry different bags which suits with their dressing style. Different bags like Tote Bags, Backpack, Bucket Bag and Sling Bag are usually great option if space is concerned or else space is not concerned than Clutch Bag, Shoulder Bag and Envelop Bag can be good option.

Backpack/Handy Tote Bag

It is next to impossible for any common girl to buy range of expensive bags for her daily college outing. Here, one good option is DIY (Do It Yourself) which you can make out of waste jeans and Funky T-shirt. There are thousands of DIY videos and image tutorials available on internet which girls can explore in vacation, spare time or in holidays. It will help her to save money and develop creativity and definitely carrying that handmade bag will give her “eye catching” look at college.

2. Analog Hand Watch: Analog watches are always in trend for girls as they are always convenient to check time than mobile. Watches provide simplicity, signal of style and help you create relationship with time. If common girl is not able to spend huge amount on small accessory then she can buy watches with flexible multi color straps and dial. It gives her variety of watch choices for matching or contrast dressing style.

Analog Hand Watch

3. Quirky Printed Scarves with Plain T-shirt: Scarves on any plain T-shirt work as instant outfit changer. Scarves guarantees to take your style to whole new level and it will always remain as most favored accessory for any girl. Being in textile hub city called ‘Surat’, every girl can design their own designer statement scarves from chic printed fabric and also can add li’l traditional touch-up by stitching tassels hanging lace.

Quirky Printed Scarves

4. Pearl or Single Diamond Studs Earlobe: Pearl and diamond are a girl’s ultimate best friends as it help her look sober yet classy and rich look. Earlobe studs from pearl and single diamond are consider as status indicator and also few jewelry artifact ornaments are sign of our Indian culture.

Black Pearl Studs Earlobe

5. Neck Accessory: Girls can dressed up with different designs of neckpiece for her different clothing style. Girl can wear sparky necklace or choker with simple graphic design T-shirt, Mint green stone necklace with any light color spaghetti, Boho style necklace goes perfectly with black color top or any plain kurta and long chain necklace with any western wear clothes.

Neck Accessory

6. Vintage Cocktail Ring: Cocktail ring are piece of jewelry that are big in size compare to any other normal size ring. Cocktail rings are available in different shades of color but girls can choose any bright color cocktail ring and also wear only single ring at a time.

7. Foot wear: Ankle strap heels and cone heels are not convenient or advisable for daily college life because they are more hazardous for health as in long run it causes to back-pain. Girl should always wear footwear which are convenient and easy to walk for that she can choose formal belly shoes and strap sandal or any other platform footwear.

Foot wear

Go girls, impress the boys in the college by not spending your pocket money to buy expensive accessories. You can still manage to still the show!


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