Fashionable and Sexy Tops to Stay Cool in Hot Summer Season


It’s almost end of the May and it is still getting warmer. As the temperature rises, every girl needs to change her wardrobe according to the season. But sometimes it may not be affordable to every common girl just to make shopping for the special summer season. By looking at her monthly spending out of her pocket money, she cannot even think to buy different clothes for different seasons or different occasions. If she is creative and has li’l knowledge for mismatching her clothes, definitely she could be a trend setter for every common girl in her group. Try some sexy cool tops this summer to stay in trend.

Summer top
Twisha in all summer mood wearing the bright color tops
hot tops in summer - fashion blog
summer wear india fashion blog

By applying her creative mind for clothing, she can save hundreds and thousands of money out of her pocket spending. Creative idea can be-

  • First, only make shopping of 6-7 shorts in this summer and take out all those last year’s short you already have in your wardrobe.
  • Second, go for shopping of some sleeveless top wear in this summer which matches easily with the shorts.
  • Third, if you are smart, do only street shopping (Branded?! No need all the time) of both and of course shopping must be in pre-decided budget only.
blue top summer wear
summer wear for girls - fashion blog of india
summer clothing for girls - fashion blog of india

Tops play most important role in your day to day routine wear. Other girls will laugh at you if you choose to wear the tops which are non-cotton or some jackets on any top. So wise selection of any top will become the most crucial part when it comes to summer season clothing. Girls can also choose cool open top on any designer palazzo so as she will get the comfiest look.

Girls can choose any pattern of the top for her shorts but cannot choose all kinda fabrics.  The selection of the fabric also becomes vital before while choosing the top. Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Silk, Chiffon, Polyester, Jersey, Chambery and Lycra are the best suitable fabric for her summer season clothes.

summer top and shorts - fashion blog india
cool fashion for girls in summer
cool sexy fashion for summer

If we common girls put all things together, I just want to convey a message to you that it is a continuous process of season change. You should prepare a proper checklist and follow the process like – explore your wardrobe, prepare a list on what to buy so that it will cover your two or more seasons, decide the budget and stick to it (as all girls are always tempted for shopping), decide place from where to buy, etc.

fashion in summer for girls in India
cool shades with sexy top in summer - fashion blog india

Girls, if you want to say something on this topic, you are most welcome to comment in the comment box. But make sure you are not leaving this summer just like your last one. Stay fashionable and not to shy away being a next-door-girl. Buy cool and sexy tops to match it with sexy shorts. Clayton Keller Authentic Jersey


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