Father: Every Daughter’s First and Forever King in Her Life


In the era of globalisation, we are used to celebrating many days which were started to be celebrated in western countries. Father’s day is just one of those days. The day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday in June every year. Though this day has not been celebrated so passionately like mother’s day or may be Valentine’s Day, it is yet again a case with the father who is not known to be celebrated in the family or with his day. A real unsung hero in every family.

You will find many long stories for mothers but it is very rare to find a blog written by fathers. Generally, it is assumed that girls are mostly attached to their father and boys are with mother, the cross-gender phenomena make for bonding stronger between two people. Girls are not only attached to heart with the father but also follow values of their father.

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The relation between father and daughter is like Tom and Jerry. He keeps his eye on every activity and moves of his daughter. No matter with who she is going out but if she doesn’t return by late evening, the person who will call her on the mobile will be her father. As a teenager, daughter spots him as a Hitler but then as she grows up, she finds the deepest love behind his rigid nature.

Hard work and sacrifices done by fathers are mostly overlooked by the family and every sacrifice of mothers are counted. It does not mean that the importance of the father is lesser than the mother in the family, but we tend to see what mother do and how she has fought all the odds and settled in a new home after her marriage.

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The role of the father is impeccable when it comes to the overall personal development of the daughter. It is correctly said that “Every girl is a Princess or Doll to her dad for a lifetime and he’s her King”. No matter what problems he has faced in his life, but he tries his best to give whatever his daughter ask for and sacrifice his wishes just to fulfil her wishes. Father is the ideal example to learn about Sacrifices. No child can pay off the return to the father for his sacrifices.

There are many things a daughter would like to write about the father but it is not only about writing but to praise the unsung hero of the family. Value his sacrifices and give him due respect which he deserves the most. 


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