The Unsung Hero- A Father’s Day Special

Fathers' Day

Fathers are superheroes to their families. Through his selfless efforts and unconditional love, he becomes a force of power to be reckoned with. Juggling with hundred things at once is his superpower. In order to celebrate his worthy contributions, Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June.

A man undergoes several changes during his life. As the turn of the hour demands, he becomes a dedicated son,  a passionate husband, and finally a compassionate father. Soo many roles in one life. We don’t even realize how his compromises have paved our way towards our betterment and growth.

We have always appreciated the role of mothers and they defiantly deserve so. We have forgotten that in a child’s upbringing both the parents are of equal importance. To extend our love and devotion to our ultimate fathers – we have come up with a live talk show for the first time ever. “The Unsung Hero” live talk series is a tribute to those fathers who do everything for their families and never ask for anything in return.

Father's Day

Fathers from all walks of life were called upon. They shared with us their inspirational journey from becoming someone’s son to actually recreating their own children. They shared with us the tips and tricks they have devised for an ultimate parenting guide.

The hosting rights were taken up by She The Power community leader – Shruti Sheth.

Here’s a gist of what the inspirational fathers said on the occasion of Father’s Day:

Anuj Mundra: “Both the parents are equally involved in the upbringing of their children. Not one’s efforts can be ignored for the sake of the other. Though we are not soo open with our emotions but, we as well as our families know we are the backbones. A father should be able to become their child’s friend first and then a parental figure. You are an authoritative figure in your child’s life, it is your responsibility to teach him boundaries and consequences of their mistakes”.

Listen to the talk-show here.

Dhiraj Sinha: “It is true that a mother is loved more. But what is also true that deep down each member of the family appreciates and respects everything a father does. In the journey of being a perfect father, do not overdo yourself. Keep it simple and be who you are. The child needs you as a friend, be that for him”.

Listen to the talk-show here.

Dr. Sheetal Nair: “The stereotypical society wants a father to be void of any emotions. But it does not work that way. Same as mothers, fathers too experience a change in the living dynamics once a child is born. Though in the beginning, a father may feel detached from his child. But as time passes one should realize, as a father his role is more of a disciplinarian. It should be a perfect balance between strict and liberal”.

Listen to the talk-show here.

Mehul Shah: “A father can never take the place of his child’s mother. But he can still be a fun parental figure. Make sure the child sees a friend in you. Whatever he is unable to express should freely flow in front of you. Every day is a new day, and with a new day comes new learning experiences. Inculcate values in them and watch them grow on their own”.

Listen to the talk-show here.

Riddhish Joshi: “Adaptability to new changes should be configured in a child as well as the father. This creates a continuous development in the parent-child dynamic duo. Utmost you can do is help your child with values so that they are able to fight their own battles. Teach them the highs and lows of life and how lucky they are to have this life”.

Listen to the talk-show here.

Sushant Dayal: “Make your children aware of the mistakes they are doing but let them figure out the solution on their own. The child learns everything by observing their parents. One cannot blame them for something they themselves are doing. Among the 4 parenting methods, a Democratic parenting approach should be applied by both parents”.

Listen to the talk-show here.

Mitul Shah: “Fathers are more of behind-the-scenes masters. They do not want appreciation. As long as their families are happy they are good to go. In order to chisel a child’s personality, a father has to become his friend first. It is a two-way process. As the child learns from you, in similar way parents have lots to learn from them”.

Listen to the talk-show here.

Anand Amrit Raj: “A father has to understand that the way he was brought up is completely different from the ways his child should be raised. Strict and authoritarian parenting will no longer work in this new generation. While the father is bringing years of experience, a child is bringing in a new age perspective. Thus, parent’s and child’s growth are dependent on one another”.

Listen to the talk-show here.

Our fathers are truly the heroes of our lives. From being a support system to being a guiding light, he is everything a loving father needs to be.
This Father’s Day take time and appreciate everything your dad has done for you. If not anything special, at least tell him a thank you for all his efforts.


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