Fight Like a Boss – PCOS Awareness Month

PCOS Awareness

All of you ladies out there may now know that the month of September is devoted to raising worldwide awareness of PCOS. An underdiagnosed disorder which we got to learn and listen and get the information about what exactly Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is truly about.

It is also known as ‘perfect hormonal storm’, an incredibly common endocrine disorder that causes an imbalance in hormones and involves the irregular function of ovaries. It affects 1 in 10 or 15% of women of reproductive age. Millions of women get affected every year by PCOS which affects their overall health.

Research shows that in India Polycystic Ovary Syndrome affects 26% of women but it still continues to be one of the most under-diagnosed, under-funded, and neglected areas of health. In India, it is a taboo disorder; women who live with this condition feel marginalized and sometimes even secluded when they are called upon to explain the condition because they are not comfortable discussing it with their parents/ partners. Also, the mental issues are discussed less which women face during the disorder time.

She the Power community realized the importance of educating women about this disorder. She the power extends a helping hand towards PCOS patients who are suffering from it. It is to help them to enhance the lives of those who were suffering from PCOS and to beat their symptoms. Also, prevent and reduce their risks for life-threatening related conditions.

To aid women to gain insights about this syndrome and to spread positivity, our team organized a PCOS Awareness Month.

To commemorate this event, we collaborated with Rupal Hospital and Vama Women Wellness Hospital. We had invited some expert’s doctors for our online event comprising of:

  1. Dr. Rupal Shah, a Gynaecologists & IVF specialist
  2. Dr. Deepa Patel (Adolescent Physician)
  3. Dr. Kinnari Kothari (Diet Counsellor & Nutritionist)
  4. Dr. Kiran Lakhani (Homeopathy Specialist)

The hosting rights were taken up by She the Power community leader – Shruti Sheth.

Here’s a gist of what the proficient doctors said at the event of PCOS Awareness Month:

PCOS Awareness

Dr. Rupal Shah

“PCOS is an endocrinal disorder that is categorized by the formation of small cysts in the ovaries. Though the treatments are fewer, maintaining a proper weight with daily exercising can help the cause. The fertility rate is unpredictable but with hormonal ovarian medicines and follicular monitoring, chances of pregnancy increase. PCOS can stem from genetic causes. If your mother, grandmother, or maternal aunt is suffering from the disorder, chances are you will be affected by it too.”

Dr. Deepa Patel

“PCOS can have severe psychological problems ranging from simple mood swings to depression that can lead to suicide. The adolescent phase is the transitory phase from childhood to adulthood. During this phase, there are several changes taking place in one’s body- physical, mental, societal, and emotional changes. This phase is hyped by PCOS due to the increased levels of stress. The first step in curing PCOS is mental acceptance and then only you can have a positive outlook on how to cure the defect. Be pro-active, start a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily, keep exercising, sleep right, for a healthier future.”

Dr. Kinnari Kothari

“Diet is a medicine that can have remarkable effects on subsiding the effects of PCOS. Green leafy veg., ghee, coconut oil, fruits, blueberries, gluten-free foods, raw bananas, cinnamon, jeera, turmeric, Vit D, Vit B12 are remarkable for PCOS patients. Appropriate life cycle, small and frequent meals, avoidance of caffeinated drinks can help in weight control. Foods like processed foods, sugary beverages, and oil can trigger the symptoms even more.”

Dr. Kiran Lakhani

“In homeopathy, ovary stimulating medications are given, and due to which the course time cannot be assured. But regular period cycles determine the treatment of it. At least 6-7 months are required to see changes. Avoidance of animal-based diet and dairy products with proper intake of zinc, iron, and chromium supplementation can change the course of PCOS.”


When all was said and done, so now don’t forget to be happy and keep yourself unwind. Remember, that you are not alone in this fight against PCOS. A healthy mind primes to a healthy body!

Do share with us your thoughts on the informative series of sessions which went fruitful with lots of statistics and insights to provide you with a way to help to cure your PCOS problems. We would love to hear from you!

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