How To Make Your First Kiss Memorable For LifeTime


Kiss! Are you nuts? Come one who talks about kiss and all openly? This is the topic we girls discuss in our gossips or late night chats with best friends. We live in a society where ‘kiss’ is the word which is next to porn and nobody talks about it but yes, they do it (hypocrisy!) Every girl dream of the first kiss since she starts understanding the girl-boy relationship. She has her own fantasy about the first kiss, and believe me, she never fantasises it as a sexual activity but a moment which comes only once in a life. Nobody is there to tell how she can make her first kiss memorable with her man which she will keep inside her heart for rest of the life. Here are  7 unique ways you can make your first kiss memorable for a lifetime!

1. When your heart says, go for it baby!: Hardly in your life, your heart will say to you something which you would love to follow. The time when a voice comes from within to just go for it. You never know the time, the place and the situation but most probably this will be the best time in your life you can experience your first kiss with your man. Don’t miss this moment when your heart says – go for it now baby!

when to kiss your man

2. You both are high on your moods: We live a stressful life and sometimes we even don’t understand the state of our mood. Then to expect the mood of your man is not an easy task even. If you find a moment when moods of both of you are on the high, you should go for your first kiss. And if nature supports you, you might get the best of the environment supporting your woohoo moment!


3. Amidst nature: Imagine you are with your man in the serene open landscape, in between the mountains, the open land where you don’t see any human till your eyeballs can see or even you are in between the trees or an area marked as a jungle – how can you miss this chance? Just allow yourself to get lost in himself and allow her to hold your head from the backside and dominate you. The time is on your side and for how long you kiss each other will decide your love for each other!


4. Beach can be your place: Have you ever been to a beach where you don’t see a crowd? If no find the one for yourself and ask your man to go there with you. How romantic it would be to feel your first kiss on the sea shore followed by a candle light dinner!


5. Kicking coffee: Don’t find time to go anywhere but a coffeehouse only? Or sharing a cup of coffee anywhere? You know a coffee gives you a kick and when you are talking with each other with the cup of coffee, your talk can take the romantic turnaround which can conclude with your first kiss with him!


6. Long drive in a car: How about going on a long drive with him and take to park your car on the roadside? You know there is nobody with you and you want to express your love to him. Even he feels ready to share his love then why to wait? Let your car witness your first kiss!


7. Can kitchen become the place?: So often you find some time in your home only when you are alone and you call him for a lunch. You are cooking for someone special for the first time!! Can it be the moment? Can it be the time? Well, you know the answer girl!


Kissing your man is the way you show your feelings. Fantasising about it is no crime. Wait for the right moment to come in your life. When you find the person with whom you will spend your life, at that time convert your fantacy in the reality. 


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