How to Overcome The Painful Periods

Painful Period

Dr.Kiran Lakhani is (Certified Enzymatic Dietitian And Nutritionist) qualified in (BHMS, PGDHM) pens down about PAINFUL PERIODS. It is also called  Menstrual cramps, and in medical terminology, it is called Dysmenorrhoea.

 A wrong belief is a pain during periods is normal, it happens to everybody. But I must say if you have pain before or during every period, and it disturbs your routine activities then it is not normal.


Sharp intermittent or dull aching pain in the lower abdomen during menses. Some females have pain in the back and leg also. The heaviness of the breast before or during periods. Some young girls feel nausea, vomiting or loss of appetite.

 Because of pain during menses, a girl can not able to go school, not able to play or can not concentrate on her work, or a working woman can not go to the office or not able to do her regular household work. And every time she has to lie down on the bed withholding her abdomen.

There are two types of Dysmenorrhoea (painful  periods)

Primary Dysmenorrhoea

Pain starts from the very beginning of menses or within six months periods of first menstruation, and here no diseases of uterus or diseases of pelvic organs, then it is called primary dysmenorrhoea. It is more common in young girls and unmarried females.

 Secondary Dysmenorrhoea:

Pain starts two years or more after the first menstrual period, and due to some local causes, it is called secondary dysmenorrhoea.

Causes of painful periods:

  • Local infection or pelvic inflammatory diseases.
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Ovarian cyst

Last but not the list, Sometimes there is no underlying cause, but pain may be due to emotional or psychological disturbance. E.g. anxiety, emotional instability, a faulty outlook on sex and menstruation, etc.   

How to diagnose or Investigate causes of painful menses:

Primary dysmenorrhoea diagnosis is based on the clinical history and physical examination only. For the diagnosis of secondary dysmenorrhoea, it needs Transvaginal or abdominal ultra sonography.

In cases of suspected endometriosis or adenomyosis that Sometimes requires MRI.

When complaints of fever along with painful menses, it may be due to some pelvic infection. That time requires some blood investigation like CBC, CRP, ESR, etc. Sometimes microscopic examination of vaginal fluid and in severe cases it requires Biopsy of Endometrial tissue is necessary.


General measures and lifestyle modification:

  • Local hot fomentation with hot water bag or with a heating pad.
  • Massage with castor oil or mustard oil in the umbilical region and on the lower abdomen.
  • Drink hot milk mix with ‘Haldi’. Haldi-turmeric powder has anti-inflammatory property, so helps in reducing pain.
  • Drink hot ginger tea or cinnamon tea.
  • Take regular Green vegetables and Fruits. It increasing anti-oxidants and vitamins in the body, that help in the reduction of pain.
  • Take a low-fat vegetarian diet.
  • Decreased consumption of fast food, caffeine, salt, sugar, etc. Magnesium is a mineral that in reducing muscular cramps. So take magnesium-rich food like Banana, Avocado, Nuts, cooked spinach, raw broccoli, etc. 

Doing regular exercise like swimming, running, cycling, aerobic dance, etc. are secretes the Endorphin hormone in your body, that Endorphin hormone reduces stress and feeling of pain.

  • Regular practicing Yoga makes all hormones balance and lowers down the intensity of pain.
  • Apart from all measures, if still pain remains continuous needs medicinal help.
  • Generally, doctors prescribe painkillers (Brufen, Naproxen), or they prescribe oral contraceptive pills.
  • But as a homeopath, I must say every month have to take pain killer, or oral contraceptive pills for the long term is not advisable…
  • In this case, you can take homeopathic medicines like Pulsatila, Colocynth, Caulophyllum, Cimicifuga, Magnesium Phos. , Belladonna, etc. 
  • Homeopathic medicines are given after thorough case taking, so it cures permanently.

 (*Always take any medicine under supervision of any doctor).              

 Stay healthy with Homeopathy!

      Stay tuned with us in next episode with one more female complaint!

Dr.Kiran Lakhani


(Certified Enzymatic Dietitian And Nutritionist)

Contact no: 6352116631


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