Kid Boyfriend Act As A Best Stress Buster For Any Girl


Isn’t it sound weird that every girl must have a kid boyfriend? Is there any sense of making a boyfriend who is just a li’l kid? Is he going to give blushing smile on your face? Is he going to give what she wants (in every sense!!)? Well, this topic is something which you will never find anywhere on internet as we girls in neighbour sharing our experience.

It is obvious that because of handy technology and blessing of internet, many people comes to know about your relationship status, isn’t it?  To be very frank, as a common girl and working in a company I do not find time to do chatting with friends on any social media. Being a mature girl (or tend to be one!), I do not even slip over a flirty and flattery talk of guy so easily. So, sadly I’m single because I do not have the same age guy as a boyfriend who can always stay there when I am wrong and tell me that you’re right even if I’m wrong and with whom I can share my every single thought (but believe me, I am not at all sad!)

But that’s not the awful moment of my life because I have more than having same age guy, a boy who makes me smile. Yes, I can say that physically I’m single but heartily and mentally I’m with cute li’l boy who is just 5 and half years old. I don’t even remember when my heart fell for that boy but luckily I found the cute li’l kid with full of maturity and his ‘maturity’ only is the reason to fall in love with him! Most beautiful thing for me is that even his parents give me the nick name of ‘Bahurani’, ‘Mrs. Sheth’ and ‘Daughter-in-Law’.

Well, below are the reasons that why I could not even imagine breaking up our cute relation even if I am getting married with other guy:

  • As I questioned in starting of the blog that is there any sense of having li’l boyfriend? Here, I can say that just don’t feel ashamed of having company of kid boyfriend. You can shower your love to him without any in-return expectation!
  • Yes, of course I love his notorious talk and funny flirty nature. And believe me, it makes my day!
  • It directly touch to my heart when he is crying. How can you see a cute little boy cry?!
  • Once my mother-in-law told me that your hubby revealing to some relatives that ‘Hu and siddhi didi lagan karwana chhie’ (Me and Siddhi didi are going to get married) Isn’t it cute?
  • He don’t like when I speak in my mother tongue language ‘hindi’ because he is ‘shuddh gujarati’.
  • It really bring cute smile on my face when I am thinking about him and even when I am driving, his single thought leads to get blush on my face.
  • He is so much spontaneous. As he find out anything so easily and as a mature kid in early age, his talk is like beyond imagination for me.
  • What I am wearing really matters to him. Occasionally, he always notice that what I wore and how I look.
  • Sometimes he act like he is my ‘typical’ husband but it makes me more impressed.
  • It make me feel jealous when he is dancing on floor with his classmate girl!

Well, these are the few things which always impresses me about him. But here you must be aggressive to know who that lucky boy is? Even I don’t want to create the suspense. His name is… is… is… ‘Reyansh Sheth’ (Reyu). I am totally lost over his cuteness.

If you also have the kid boyfriend, then you’re welcome to write the name of that lucky boy in the below given comment box. Believe me, every girl must have a boyfriend like him to stay happy in the life. 


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