You wouldn’t disagree if I say that out of so many makeup product varieties, Kajal is the most appealing one; because it brings out eternal beauty & charm on the face if even a li’l line of Kajal is applied to enlighten your eyes. Kajal has its importance not only in India but also around the world and among the people of different cultures across the world. Most commonly used synonyms of Kajal are ‘Kohl’ and ‘Soorma’ and the list goes on. More often Kajal is applied by Women as well as male in some parts of locality. Kajal is also applied to the infants because it is believed to have been protecting him/her from evil eyes. Kajal is popular not only among the high class people & celebs from Bollywood/Hollywood but also among the tribes of Africa, India and many more other interior areas of the world.

Kajal is the cheapest cosmetic (if you can prepare it at home) & quite handy for transforming any ordinary look into an attractive one. Kajal used to be made from camphor, vegetable oil and ghee during the initial time period, but Kajal Manufacturing has become a commercial activity. However, very few Kajal brands , available in the market are organically made and are less harmful to the eyes. With the increased demand of Kajal, the manufacturers have started using unreliable products in making of Kajal; which directly affects the eyesight and eye muscles.

For any Indian woman, makeup is incomplete without using Kajal. And now days the Bollywood stars as well as common girls have invented innovative ways of applying Kajal; so as to get more attractive look for eyes. The latest trend set over a year ago is that the eyeliner and eye pencil has replaced the use of Kajal. There are many techniques for applying Kajal but applying it properly depends on the shape & size of eye. Apart from this there is one famous and evergreen style of applying Kajal called ‘Retro Style’ with any bold color lipstick to get vintage and royal look.

Applying Kajal is not enough but there has to be something eye catching. li’l makeup around the Kajal to help your eyes look more gorgeous, especially when you are attending any festival or party occasion. Something with bit glittery effect around the Kajal applied eyes will be perfect during the day time, whereas the off glitter makeup around the Kajal will be suitable for night functions.

And of course, applying Kajal has its own set of benefits for your eyes too. But that again depends on the type of Kajal you are using whether it is organic or non-organic Kajal.

So girls, this is all I had to tell you about the evergreen beauty enhancer cosmetic – Kajal. If you want to share anything about Kajal then you’re most welcome to comment in the below comment box. 


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