Make Your Colleagues Jealous with Enhanced Office Makeup Look


If you ask a girl of today to compare pre-millennial and the post-millennial the way they carry themselves in office, the latter will inevitably win. Women of today have given themselves a powerful platform to showcase their infinite potential. The scales of women working and earning independently have gone so high that it has left paradox communities, especially men dumbstruck. Offices in India and elsewhere in the world are overflowing with more number of women applying for jobs and high posts every day. The competition in the professional arena is at its peak! Office makeup is one of the most essential things a working woman must understand.

Wondering if the red lipstick and smoky eyes cost you your job? You are somewhat right. These are the major turnoff for any employer you want to get employment from. So, buck up girls, it’s the time we sway our boss away with the perfect office make-up face!

office makeup

Like any teen parent who always nags about what not to do, we’ll look upon the DON’Ts.

  • AVOID using foundation. It makes your face heavy for long working hours. You don’t want to enter your office with a cake-face.
  • AVOID heavy smoky eyes. It becomes probably too much for the office. You must keep your elf decent and a bit of heavy smoky eyes can spoil your identity in the office.
  • AVOID applying bright lipstick shades. Rather than talking about your work, your colleagues will talk about your overdo. You may face some cheeky guys in your office who would like to talk to you as they might get misunderstand your character.
lipstick in office
  • AVOID fancy nail styles. They will certainly not match your simple yet elegant office look
nail art in office
  • AVOID using a dark-colored blush. You don’t want to look like a clown with red cheeks. Such makeup also becomes the talk of the office among other girls and you don’t wanna be the reason of gossip!

Only by avoiding the things mentioned above, you will improve your overall office look to a great extent. But if you don’t want to miss a single chance to establish a solid impression, here are some DOs.

  • Begin by applying BB cream. It hides your dark spots and blemishes to a great extent and gives your face a light look. Some of the best BB cream companies are Maybelline BB cream and Physicians Formula Super BB cream.
  • If your skin is flawless, you need to apply concealer, but for many unfortunate girls whose dark spots are not hidden by the BB cream, concealer becomes the must. Maybelline and Mac concealers are the best for the new trendy make-up.
  • Apply a light colored blush (mainly pink or peach) or use bronzer to give yourself the trendy appealing tan look.
makeup in the office blog
  • Work your lower eye-lid by Kajal- black, brown or grey in color and your upper eye-lid with a long-lasting waterproof liquid or sketch-pen eyeliner. Colorbar eyeliners will be perfect for you.
  • Give your lips a light shade preferably light pink, peach or any other light shade. Lakme and Maybelline provide you a variety of light lipstick shades which are perfect for your office look.
  • Maintain your figure. If not for the others, at least for your self. A good body shape increases the self-confidence. Eat nutritious food, maintain the body toxin and hit the gym regularly to keep your self in shape and fit. If not able to go to gym, do some regular excercise at your home too.
sexy figure increase confidence in office
  • Lastly, complete your look by wearing a light-colored watch, small-sized earrings and a thin chain with a pendant around your neck (only if your neck looks empty in case of a deep neck)

You are ready to move the journey from a fresher to a pro. Follow these office make-up tips and dazzle everyone, complimenting you for your flawless office beauty! 


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