Men’s Day Special- Celebrating Men & Breaking the Stereotype

International Men's Day Special

Is there any International Men’s Day? When is it? On 19th November or Movember, is celebrated as International Men’s Day. On this day, we honor the men to acknowledge their achievements and contributions made in society, families as well as in the nation. This day is as crucial as women’s day. While most of us are busy celebrating womanhood every year. Haven’t we failed to remember how men play the role in our lives? Don’t they deserve to celebrate the theme of International Men’s Day? The men of our society must be equally appreciated and admired.

Men are heroic support to our society. It’s a time to endorse the free spirit of men by deliberating upon the positive facets of male identity.

Shruti Sheth, the co-founder, and the team took the initiative to celebrate International Men’s Day 2021. She addressed, her motto was simple; to create a space, to not only raise awareness about men’s physical and mental health. It was also to discuss the optimistic male role models of manliness as well as raise awareness on men’s well-being. That is how our idea of Being a Man Season-1 took place.

To commemorate this enlightening session of ‘BEING A MAN’. She the Power team invited 5 men, the chivalrous essence of our society for an online talk show. A powerhouse session to gain an insight about their lives and struggles along with their roles of being a man in today’s society.

Here’s a gist of what the affluent men said on the occasion of International Men’s Day:

Men's Day Special

Rizwan Poptani: Men are the strong pillars who need to be respected thoroughly. But this does not make men better than women, rather equal. Every situation has two faces and every situation leads in the favor of women. They are written in absolute correction. Men, however big or small need a lower, more submissive hand as compared to women.

Listen to the whole live here.

Prashant Gondaliya: We train, help, and create a great environment for our women colleagues for them to grow and nurture. Not because women are the fragile beings who need to be safeguarded, rather they are the nature beings who need a push in achieving something exceptional.

Listen to the whole live here.

Kaushal Kakkad: If it is hard for a woman, it is equally tough for a man. But that does not justify the inequality faced by both. Though men are supposed to run their family business, it is very important for them to study in any field they desire. In the end, it is not always about the money, rather it is about how well you succeed in life.

Listen to the whole live here.

Aditya Banerjee: Pink is for girls and blue is for boys. A stigma that needs to be irradiated from the young minds. Both men and women are equal in society and hence we celebrate Women’s Day as well as Men’s Day. There is this deep-rooted stigma that a man has to follow- if I cry and express myself, I am not a man’s man but if I get angry that is the right way to expel my emotions. The sooner these ill facts leave our society, the sooner we will be on a path to success and better emotional maturity.

Listen to the whole live here.

Sunny Kabrawala: We have to see individuals as humans first and then their genders and other differences come into being. From the beginning, a child is trained that a girl is supposed to cry and a boy is supposed to be strong. If the parents are more focused on training their kids about other things rather than gender roles, men would consider themselves equal to all.

Listen to the whole live here.

This online talk session itself exhibited how people feel analogous stay incredibly diverse. Embracing these different perceptions agrees us to go beyond stereotypes! It can happen only when men and women both lead by example. It will create an open-minded & safe society that allows everybody the opportunity to prosper.


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