New Year, New Resolutions, New You

New Year, New Resolutions, New You

According to Hindu Calendar, on this 78th of Gujarati New Year popularly known as Vikram Samvat or Bestu Varas considered to be one of the auspicious days for Gujarati community. This year Bestu Varas will be celebrated on 5th November. The event falls on Shukla Paksha Pratipada during the month of Kartik. It is renowned with great spirituality and enthusiasm across the state.

New year is the time where there is a traditional practice of keeping that new spirit by doing everything new. It is the time where the businessman and traders start their fresh financial accounts. They start their new account books and bid farewells to the old ones.  We can also embrace the energy of newness by setting new intentions and make a remarkable presence by being a change in you. Make a New Year’s Resolution by starting a new chapter of your life by committing to new habits.

Focus on Yourself

New Year, New You

When was the last time you considered your needs without else taking into the account what someone else desired for you? Nevertheless, neglecting all your own dreams and desire too. A life lived merely in the pursuit of happiness may not bring your personal joy. At a point of time, you may feel drained and lost. So, come nurture your personality by just focusing on self-love. Building a solid self-relationship is a great way to return your attention to yourself.

Stop Negativity, Embrace Positivity

Be Positive

When it comes to set resolutions, it’s easy to focus on internal goals but you start with some old cliched resolutions like I will lose weight, I will get in shape and many times you change because of your toxic friends or relatives. Take a step back and evaluate which relationships are mutually valuable and which aren’t. Vow to get rid of toxic people in your life and manifest positivity in your mind by making a better YOU and stronger YOU.

Be Independent, Be Empowered

Empowered Women

Regardless, there is always a great sense of satisfaction when you earn your own money. Attain your goals and ideas which you have always imagined. See yourself as someone who has an infinite potential by recognizing all your capabilities, there’s really nothing which can stop you from pursuing your goals.

Focus on a Balanced Life

Work Life Balance

Balancing everything is what every person desires. As women we need to balance everything (personal and professional). Lets inculcate this habit for balancing each focus areas.

Breaching the Patriarchy

Breach the Patriarchy

This new year, lets change the patriarchal mindset and show the world that women can also lead and manage things better. We should take more responsibility and equally work as per our calibre.

Be Vocal

Be Vocal

Let the world hear you. Take your stand for the right and be firm to it. Focus on good ideas and convey them to the world. Social presence could be a great way to reach the world.

This new year should bring change within our society and in ourselves. Lets inculcate these habits for good today and a better tomorrow.

Behind every successful man there is a woman, but behind every woman there is a positive mind set and the step she has taken facing all the odds to reach success. Therefore, lets take that first step towards our goals this new year.


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