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Gaupaa Chikaa Feature on Womens Day

Gaupaa Chikaa by Maansi, a name that has been ruling hearts and the fashion industry since last 15 years, is now bigger, better and brighter. Maansi Kapoor, the founder and chief designer of Gaupaa Chikaa, is warmly known for fabricating happiness and delight for her customers along with outfits.

“My mother, the real boss lady of our family, has been one of my biggest supporters. I wouldn’t have been where I’m today, if it wasn’t for her. I may have received unconditional love, morale boost, and words of appreciation from everyone in the family, but my strongest pillar stands on the encouragement and backing that my mother always offered”, said the designer when asked about her journey as a female entrepreneur.

A women centric brand; understanding fashion and trends, ever dynamic market, minute details and individual preferences, Gaupaa Chikaa in the truest form is for the women, of the women, and by a woman.

“It was in my early teens that I realised I had an eye for fashion; styling and accessorizing. And now that I’m more than a decade old in the professional fashion industry, I’m constantly evolving, keeping ahead of trends and creating functional eye candies”, noted Maansi as she spoke about her brand’s inception growth over years.

When asked about her super power, she chuckled and said “All women have super powers, and I feel they change all the time, with every role. Right now if someone walks into my boutique, with an urgent and special customisation request,  my super power would be to create that dream dress in 24 hours for their special day, but an hour later when I reach home my super power may lie in the art of convincing my daughter to eat a dal roti over Maggi noodles. Hence, I believe, every day is different, and as women we are gifted with numerous super powers, one for each role”

Gaupaa Chikaa, is now also in the online retail market with dresses, night wear and designer headbands for kids. She affectionately mentioned how it was yet another female in her life, her daughter, who became her inspiration to venture and expand into kids’ collection.

“From baking cakes to flying an aircraft, what’s it that a woman can’t do? It makes me immensely happy to see women stepping out of their comfort zones, breaking unfair gender roles, and growing so beautifully. If I were to give a message to fellow women, I’d say believe in your dreams and never give up. Empower other women because nothing good has ever come out of pulling each other down. You deserve love, support, respect and abundance in whatever you choose to do. Never settle for anything less”, Maansi Kapoor’s closing words for fellow women, this women’s day.

You can follow her on instagram gaupaachikaa and visit her website

Address: L4, Rajhans Complex, Opp Pizza Hut, Ghod Dod Road,Surat



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