Pairing Blue Denim with Black Top to Get Sassy Look


Are you fed up with your routine wear? Color combo? Regular Clothing Style? If yes, then we have an awesome color combination for your regular boring life. And we assure you that it will definitely adore you.

Today’s modern girl can’t imagine a single day in a month without wearing denim. While figuring out what to wear with the denim can be confusing, black is an ideal match for your blue denim jeans. From a normal girl to the fashion freak lady, black is everyone’s choice. Wearing blue denim with any casual black colour top surely gets you a lively bold look. Girls can also try the same blue denim with a variety of black tops. Following are a few points; which you can consider while choosing a black top for blue denim.

1. Plaid Shirt or Flannel Shirt: Plaid Shirt with different style looks is the best pick for fall and winter. The plaid shirt is so flexible option that it can be worn in a million different styles and these flannels are so cozy and affordable too. Adding an extra flavor of black color with flannel undoubtedly gives you a gorgeous look. You can try different styles like – black color spaghetti top with a plaid shirt in jacket style; carry your flannel shirt under black sweater and let the collar and sleeves pop out from layer of sweater; or add open plaid shirt with black summer sun dress or you may play with different shades of color with plaid shirt to get sassy look.

Plaid Shirt or Flannel Shirt

2. Vibrant Color Scarves with Black Inner Spaghetti: Every girl wants to look as hot as summer even on sunny days! Try simple black color spaghetti with various prints of the scarf on blue denim and get the eye catcher look. If black is considered as the fast heating colour during hot summer, you can also try vice-a-versa style (i.e. wearing bright colour spaghetti with black color printed scarf to get wonderful look)

Vibrant Color Scarves

3. Black Colour Overcoat: A black color overcoat always adds a touch of style and class on your high-waist blue denim jeans. Girls can carry this style anywhere from shopping with a friend to a disco party. The kind of fabric used in designing an overcoat (i.e. whether it is thin sweater fabric or leather touch fabric) decides your overall look.

Black Colour Overcoat

4. Black Crop top: A black Crop top with any kind of print/without any print are so modish these days and they are not only available at the branded apparel stores but can also be spotted at the street side shops at the pocket-friendly rate. The crop top can be considered as the most appealing & the coziest outfit during hot sunny summer. And it can make any girl look cool when it is paired with denim blue folded bottom jeans. Even the girls who don’t prefer to show their full tummy can wear this crop top with high-waisted pants. Plus the combo of High-waist jeans and a crop top can give the sexiest look to amazingly long legs.

Black Crop top

5. Black off shoulder top: The latest trend of wearing off shoulder dresses is one of the hottest trends this season. Designs of off shoulder dresses are so versatile that girls can find it in maxi, crop top or any casual dress. It looks utterly stylish if a black color off shoulder top is worn simply with cropped blue jeans. This is a perfect style and can be worn with an overcoat jacket during winter season too.

Black off shoulder top

However, one thing I would like to highlight here is that be it a crop top, Jacket or any other top; it doesn’t make much difference whether you buy it from a sophisticated branded showroom or a street-side fashion vendor. Because sometimes the look & feel which a street shopping can give you will not be the same as the look of showroom’s clothing.

But at same is not the case with buying jeans from the roadside temporary shops, because the size, length, fitting, color combination and fabric of jeans are up to the mark at such local shops. As a common girl, the price of any apparel does matter because it might hurt the pocket money but at the same time, style & fashion also need to be taken care. A girl should smartly allocate the budget for buying a decent pair of Jeans and stylish tops/tees from different markets (worked out from the experience & research) for managing to save money and also look gorgeous. 


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