Shaadisthan – A Powerful Tale of Empowerment and Diversity

Shaadistan- A powerful tale of empowerment & diversirty

“Women like us fight so that women like you don’t have to fight in their own world.”

Sasha, Shaadisthan

One day, I was just sitting and scrolling my Instagram. Seeing the status of few people, every alternate person is getting engaged or married. Two of my friends were also getting married. I felt like, what is happening why people are getting married so early at the age of 20? Don’t they have any dreams to pursue? I came to know one of my seniors got married due to societal pressure.

Through surfing on the Internet, I came across the poster of Shaadisthan and it intrigued me to watch the movie. Shaadisthan talks about two different worlds which collide and crumble. Director Raj Singh Chaudhary depicts the life of women breathing under a patriarchal society.

The film trails a story of a conservative family and a modern-minded musical band company in which they are forced to hitch a ride with each other. The journey of three women signifies a million women around us. The movie conveys a powerful message with some thought gripping moments.

Kirti Kulhari portrays Sasha, a modern woman who is fiercely independent and lives life on her own terms as well as she is a strong and outspoken woman. She is pursuing her dreams as a musician as well as taking care of her parents.


While Kamala Sharma, an ordinary woman who stands out as an oppressed wife and a caring mother. She wishes to leave everything and go somewhere for a day but it seems to be impossible for her.


On the other hand, Arshi Sharma, who wants to live her own life and pursue her dreams but her parents want her to get married due to the traditions of society. She doesn’t have the confidence to speak up for herself.

Some deeper conversation took place between Sasha and Kamala which turned out to be shattering of old-age beliefs and traditions. We can say, a woman can influence the perspective of another woman which leads to the breakdown in the thinking of society.

One more thing I learned from Shaadisthan is getting married itself is not a problem, until you are not forced as well as your dreams and growth should not be suffering. A woman should know her worth and keep working to achieve her dreams.

What are your takeaways from the film? Write down your views in the comment box.

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Pragya Jain

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