Nidhi Gandhi – A Surti girl made history in Power Lifting


Nidhi Gandhi is the infamous boss lady. She is breaking all the gender barriers, to become a female-heavy power lifter. A Surat resident, at a young age of 21 years has managed to inspire girls across India with her achievement in Wight Lifting.

Her journey started nearly three years back, by getting inspired by her brother who was an avid gym-goer. For the first year, her training at the gym remained basic. As she started gaining her strength, she started with heavy power lifting. She remained consistent in her training and in the year 2019 she bagged a gold medal in an Inter-university power lifting competition, held in Surat.

In the year 2020, lockdown struck with the complete shutdown of gyms across the world. Due to this, Nidhi had to go on a complete break. During this period her strength decreased a lot and she lost whatever she had gained at the gym. Like a true fighter, she did not back down. With rigorous two-month training under the trainer Zamir Hodiwala of AV Fitness, following proper diet routine, and a spirit of not giving up, she slowly gained her strength back. She competed in the South Gujarat powerlifting competition 2020 held at Baroda.

Rigorous two-month training under the trainer Zamir Hodiwala

Recently, Nidhi participated in the All India National Power Lifting Competition held in Delhi. There were more than 70 participants. With tough competition in her weight category, Nidhi managed to win three gold medals in 56 kgs power lifting. She has truly made the women around India proud. 

Won three gold medals in 56 kgs power lifting competition held in Delhi

She is currently pursuing her master’s in HRD from Veer Narmad University, Surat.

Nidhi’s story is one of a kind. Her never to back down attitude has made her what she is today. She plans to compete in many National competitions and eventually go on an International level of powerlifting. Power lifting is associated with men in a common belief. She has proved it to be not true. She has shown that women are capable of anything and everything. A girl, when she puts her mind onto something is truly power. Gender should never define your worth. There is no shame in doing a man’s job.

Everything a man does can be

done by a woman;

Nidhi is a great example to that.

Nidhi made Surat and Gujarat feel proud!


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