Wonders happen when mothers meet technology- Techie Moms Series

Mothers day

Mothers are truly superwomen. From being rock-hard support to their children to being an exceptional ride or die to their families, they are masters of all. Not just acing their family lives, the millennial mothers have become experts in juggling both- their work and their homes. Mind-Blowing if you ask us!

With the switch of the new decade, gone are the days when our dear mothers needed assistance for managing simple technology.   From being the Whatsapp stellars to mastering the ultimate Social Media game, there is no stone left unturned. If we must, they are the pioneers of the tech-savvy millennial mothers trend.

She The Power has always been in awe of the inspirational women. Especially the mother-kind, who have completely changed their persona with the coming-of-age technology.

To commemorate the extra-ordinary tech savvy-mothers, She The Power team organized a Mother’s Day special online talk-show series. The annual celebration, currently being on its season-5 -is a one-on-one interview session, but due to the pandemic, it was conducted as an online live show.

Women with unmatched abilities, balancing work and homes like pros were called upon. With Shruti Sheth- She The Power community leader taking up the hosting rights, it was a truly inspiring session.

Mothers Day
Here’s a gist of the one-of-a-kind online talk show of techno-savvy mothers:

Ashita Mehta: “The advent of technology has given mothers, whether working or home-makers a new identity. It has certainly brought them closer to their children. The traditional home-maker mother, who once felt inferior to those who were professional workers is now confident and well-aware of her surroundings. This change is definitely the work of technology”.

Listen to the full talk show here.

Dr. Nitisha“Technology has made us closer than ever before. Though children have lost the ability to socialize during this pandemic, they have found new friends among their parents. Technology has given us a clearer picture of life and shown how amazing this life could be while sitting in the sanctuary of our homes”.

Listen to the full talk show here.

Saloni Nandwani“With advancing technology, the mothers have found a new social circle. Not physical but rather a virtual one. It has made the new vulnerable mothers find answers using the Internet. Both the child and the mother have to grow together and channelize their energy in order to connect on a different level”.

Listen to the full talk show here.

Meghnaa Surana“We are living on an information highway, mothers have to leverage this state. There are new areas of connection, and honestly, new mothers have found it to be a constant blessing. Because of social media, we are able to open such portals which were otherwise impossible with a physical channel”.

Listen to the full talk show here.

Manali Shah“Technology has helped the new mothers understand the birth to child-rearing process in a more intimate way. Through Social Media, there has been a connection built up among all the mothers which have inspired everyone that you are not alone, and everyone experiences difficulties”.

Listen to the full talk show here.

Dr. Krishnaba Vaghela“Technology has been a curse as well as a boon. If readily used with the right intentions it could prove to be a blessing. As far as mothers are concerned, technology has built the parent-children rapport a lot stronger. Earlier, mothers felt a bit lost when talking to their children about the happenings around the world, now they are confident enough to even put their own views”.

Listen to the full talk show here.

It was a mind-blowing session that showed us when technology meets motherhood, it could create wonders. 



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