Top Most Career Opportunities on Social Media for Girls


Gone are the days where ‘Social Media’ is merely seen as a medium to stay connected. With the evolution of social media as a potential marketing platform, businesses today can’t miss on including ‘Social Media Marketing’ from their overall marketing strategy. And obviously, this fast-paced emergence of Social Media Marketing has generated abundant career opportunities for the digitally savvy & social media lover Gen Y.

Social Media Jobs in Surat

If we think of the career opportunities on Social Media for girls, the Social Media has, in fact, more to offer to the females; because a woman of any age with different circumstances can choose a career in Social Media. Right from the college going teenage girl to a married homemaker, a myriad of social media jobs has career opportunities for them all.

So on this World Social Media Day  (i.e. 30 June), we attempt to show you how Social Media can shape the future of girl next door by offering her exceptional career opportunities on Social Media.

  • If Writing and/or Designing is your forte, Career in Social Media is waiting for you:

If you’re having a knack for writing, social media has enormous opportunities for you as ‘Content Marketer/Social Media Copywriter’. However, the content writing work for social media also needs a fundamental knowledge of ‘Digital Marketing’, especially to understand what kind of content works for which social media tool. For creating content which drives traffic and engagement, social media content and Blogging require you to have clarity of thought process, research-oriented approach and understanding of target’s social behavior besides having a flair for writing. Plus the growth opportunities soar high for the girls having knowledge of graphic designing because Social Media Marketing can succeed with a perfect combo of appealing design and compelling content.

  • For the girls who’re Social Media Savvy, Good Communicator, and Multitasker:

In order to maintain the company’s social media presence effectively, Digital Marketing Managers need Social Media Executives/Coordinators.  As the girls are known to have inborn qualities of multitasking and organizational skills; girls with good communication skills, who also like to stay connected to the world (through various social media tools) can think of a career as a ‘Social Media Marketing Executive/Coordinator’. The responsibilities for which mainly includes overseeing and managing the company’s social media presence on various social media platforms, support social media strategies for the promotion of company’s brands & projects, creating awareness about company’s events/initiatives/campaigns etc.  However, with the formal training of Social Media Marketing and experience, one can also advance in the career as Social Media Manager, Social Media Planners and Social Media Strategist.

  • Creative, Spontaneous and the girls who’re Number Lovers:

Social Media has a lucrative career of ‘Social Media Analyst’ for the girls equipped with research capabilities and out of the box thinking ability. Social Media has a plethora of raw data in the form of charts and metrics, but informed decisions can only be taken by generating insights through Research & analysis carried out from these raw data. So, girls! If you love to work with numbers, think of no other option but ‘Social Media Marketing Analyst’. Such Analytics specialists; who can ‘read’ and analyze the qualitative –quantitative performance of a firm can undoubtedly stand out in the crowd.

Besides the above career opportunities in social media field for girls, the brands relying on areas like feminine lifestyle, fashion and fantasy prefer girls in their 20 something; who can gauge the women’s voices & choices across various demographics. And accordingly, come up with fresh ideas for increasing engagement with prospective women customers and influence their actions.

We’re keen to get your views in the comment section about ‘The future pathways and employment opportunities created by Social Media for girls’. 


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