Trendy Pompoms Accessories Offers Variety to Girls


Summer season is not only meant to look beautiful, but it is meant to look trendy and colourful. Normally girls don’t like to go out in the daytime but what if you can carry some trendy yet ‘not expensive’ accessories with you to highlight your style statement?! Nowadays, the fashion of ‘PomPom’ is in – used for many purposes. PomPom is a French word which means “Ball of Colour”. Since many years these small colourful woollen balls were used in clothes as well as in pieces of jewellery. Now, this PomPom trend is again in to make summers more vibrant and colourful. Whether it is ethnic wear or handbag, pompom looks very striking. It is suitable everywhere, in parties, ceremonies or at the office. Make sure not to overuse the PomPoms otherwise, you can look like an art piece. If you want to use Pompoms, make sure you should dressed up very simple to make pompoms accessories a focal point.

Top: When you go for outing, you can put on Pompom tops which varies from plain to printed on jeans

Bags: Pompom is trending in bags such as wallets, handbags, and tote. It is very much ‘must have‘ product for girls.

PomPom Earnings: Although you wear an expensive dress, but it does not give the value unless you put on the suitable or matching accessories. When we talk about accessories, how can we forget earnings? Pompom earrings look very beautiful on ethnic as well as western outfits. Its price ranges from RS.150 to Rs.250 in the market and available in different varieties.

Fashion Blogger in India
Pompom as earring Accessory

Necklace: Colour Pompom necklace looks very pretty on simple white top or blouse. Wear it when you are going out with your friends in evening or even in college. You can combine the necklace with matching or contrast earrings or nose pin. Drape died scarf around your neck to woo your fans!

Fashion Blogger in India
Pompom as Neckless Accessory

PomPom footwear: Pompom footwear can be purchased from online shops as well as it is available in the local market also. But make sure it should not be heavily flooded with the pompoms otherwise you will not be able to walk comfortably.

So girls, go and buy some pompom accessories for you or DIY as per your choice but do not let this summer go pompom less! 


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