A Series To Uplift Hopes Of Working Professionals In 2021


    The year 2020 has been tough for everyone. All of us saw a gradual downfall as the lockdown progressed. Every industry professional worker was affected due to this pandemic. The world was quarantined, and our motivation was at an all-time low.

    Everyone had to stay inside, so instantly the role of a woman increased two folds. With increased responsibilities, it becomes necessary to sit back and relax.

    With the onset of the New Year, a new hope had to be conceived. ‘She The Power‘ community took an initiative to revive the hope, elevate the spirits, and enhance the motivation stripped down during the pandemic. She The Power hosted a live talk show “Dawn of Hope” on Facebook, consisting of powerful females renowned in their fields. The purpose of this talk show was to help other women have a boost up to excel.

    A total of 14 exceptionally qualified female working professionals graced the talk show. The women called upon were of dynamic fields, to identify dynamic industries:

    1. Nisha Anand: Success Coach & Chief Consultant
    2. Arunima Singh: Digital Marketeer
    3. Sarita Chauhan: Startup Consultant
    4. Dharti Sawani: National Basketball Player
    5. Shiksha Bhansali: Sustainable Fashion Designer
    6. Meghavi Vyas: Author & Image Consultant
    7. Gulnaz Khan: Air Hostess, Emirates
    8. Riddhi Gaurav: Bharatnatyam Dancer, Choreographer & Performer
    9. Swati Shah: Chartered Accountant
    10. Dr. Afreen Jasani: Consulting Physiotherapist & Clinical Nutritionist
    11. Lajja Shah: Travel & Architect Blogger
    12. Anju Ramani: Faculty, Art Of Living
    13. Miral Nanavati: Faculty, Art of Living
    14. Arnima Kumari: Online Fitness Trainer

    Shruti ShethShe The Power community leader took up the hosting rights.

    In the talk show, many of the topics got covered which were otherwise untouched. From motivating to taking command of your life, we discussed every aspect.

    Here are some of the key takeaway by our speakers:

    Nisha Anand: “One has to incorporate blended learning. That is along with the digitalization of education, the personal touch is also important. Auditory, visual, and kinesthetic skills should be required in the teacher.” Listen to the talk show here

    Arunima Singh“ Adaptiveness is the only trait which shall have businesses running. Innovate and transform ruthlessly. Be very quick to adapt to new trends because change is consistent. The new era businesses have to be digitized and have a multi-channel distinction for their growth.” Listen to the talk show here

    Meghavi Vyas“Individual branding is not about impressing others rather it is about expressing ourselves. What matters is our insides, our strengths, and our values. Keep working on yourself because there always room for betterment.” Listen to the talk show here

    Lajja Shah“There is a difference between blogging and influencing. Before you go into blogging brainstorm your topic, have thorough research, go with trends and always consider your audience. Be consistent and write what you feel like and have an interest in.” Listen to the talk show here

    Shikha Bhansali“Up-cycling is renovating the used material or an outfit into something new. This leads to lesser wastage and is helpful to the environment. It is also lighter on the pockets as it is not expensive.” Listen to the talk show here

    Dr. Afreen Jasani“Physiotherapy is not just an exercise after surgery. Physiotherapy is for your joints, making them stronger and flexible. Females undergo many hormonal changes throughout their life, nutrition, and physical exercise are the best way to overcome those tough times.” Listen to the talk show

    Anju Ramani & Miral Nanavati“Stress can be of different types, emotional and physical. In this fast-paced life, people have forgotten to find time for themselves. Peace is an integral part of life and to achieve that mind control and situation management are very important. Spare some time for Pranayam and meditation for internal peace.” Listen to the talk show here

    Gulnaz Khan: “Cabin crew training involves safety, security, and first-aid training. It is not just about glamour and luxury. The desire for your success should be greater than the fear of your failure. You cannot sit still just because you have a fear of falling down. Stand up, dust yourself, and go achieve your goals.” Listen to the talk show here

    Swati Shah“Chartered Accountancy becomes easy when one is hardworking, determined, persistent and tough. It teaches you to help balance your work and personal life. It becomes easy to manage your monetary business aspects and helps you with the right investment.” Listen to the talk show here

    Riddhi Gaurav“Sound education accompanied by dancing will defiantly take you places. No matter how much you experiment, never forget your roots and stick to your originality.” Listen to the talk show here

    Arnima Shah“There is no shortcut to fitness. Consistency and hard work is the only way to achieve health. Everyone’s body is different, not necessary one approach for an individual will be beneficial to someone else.” Listen to the talk show here

    Dharti Savani“Choosing sports as a career is helpful for the overall development of your mind as well as body. It is not just running and working out, it requires a thorough knowledge of the field and the opponent.” Listen to the talk show here

    Sarita Chauhan“Never stay stagnant, always keep on working for your future. Inculcate a dynamic character for the ever-changing environment. When starting a business, the capital arrangement is easy what difficult is that client generation and past client retention.” Listen to the talk show here

    The talk show ended on a happy note with lots to think about. One thing that is for sure is ups and downs are a part of life. One has to be prepared for curve ball thrown. Being hopeful is integral for proper functioning.

    We tried our best to help individuals by retaining motivation and confidence. Changes will come, we have to fight and immerge victoriously.


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