When it’s First Day of College


Once your school life gets over, the next big step comes in the picture is college life. School life for any next door girl starts with a simply dressed up in school uniform with folded braid hairstyle using oil by following all the strict rules of the school without breaking any one of them. There is no feeling of jealousy, fantasy or desire from other girl’s fashion and lifestyle. But the life changes when a girl enters into college life atmosphere, new people, new friends and new surroundings.


Thinking about the first day of college makes the girl nervous who was used to with her sober look during school life. She might be worried about college mates and groups, faculties, cream class people and of course, the most important thing is fashion!These are few things which make her nervous. As and when she starts interacting with each other and starts making her own group, she might easily come out with muddle of groups and mates, faculties and with the cream class of others. But still, it creates a li’l mental dilemma for her which make her uncomfortable to live her natural life. The dilemma is about – how to dressed up in the college?

Well, the question sounds tough but the answer is not! As a common girl, she can choose her favourite dress from her wardrobe and forget what other girls will be wearing. Stop putting your leg into others shoe and start appreciating your choice of fashion and dressing sense.

Confidence on Face

Always carry big confidence on your face while dressed up simple in college life. Investing confidence on your face makes you different from others who are investing their money in clothes and lifestyle just for the sake of showing up. Robert Newhouse Authentic Jersey


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