She The Power Honors Women’s Day in Their Own Special Way

Women's Day Celebration

Another year, another triumph! Just like every year on the occasion of Women’s Day, She The Power organized a power-packed classroom session conducted by women. As always, being a women-led community we did not want to celebrate the day just for the sake of it. We wanted to do something different. And that is how our idea of InspireHer was born. This session was the brainchild of Shruti Sheth (Community leader, She The Power Team). Her motto behind this was simple, to create a space where women are inspired by other women. To make this dream come true, we invited three exceptionally talented women. They were Preeti Duggal, Amreen Khan, and Setu Sukhadia. And what do you get when you combine knowledgeable women with women who are hungry for knowledge? A powerhouse session to set records of truly being inspirational!

See what our amazing speakers had to say-

1). Preeti Duggal: (Image Consultant) – “Steal the show with your image”

In your day-to-day life, you meet a thousand people, and how they perceive you is essential. It may be a brief encounter or maybe a budding relationship of a lifetime, first impression is the last impression!

Women's Day

Based on this, our talented speaker Ms Preeti briefed us about the importance of your physical persona. So for the next stretch of the hour, she described do’s and don’ts to chisel your physical appearance. Like, you must have an idea of your body shape, face shape, what colours are best suited as per your skin tone, what colours enhance your personality, how to accessorize your best body feature, and many more. To base her ideas she gave a detailed live demo which made her audience understand her even better.

2). Amreen Khan (Digital Content Creator) – “A storyteller’s guide to Instagram”

Being a digital content creator, Ms Amreen gave us a detailed idea about the world of social media. What happens behind the curtains and what is set live in the world is very different. She briefed everyone about the basic functioning of Instagram and how to leverage the platform for your own use.  The effectiveness of your posts depends on the time, features, and of course, content is king!

Content can be created from anything if only you are determined. Your small picnic outing can also be turned into an epic content.

Women's Day Celebration

3). Setu Sukhadia (Radio Jockey, Actor, Voice Over Artist, Anchor) – “Impress with how you communicate”

Everyone knows about the importance of communication. Whether set up in a corporate field or a one-on-one informal environment, building a rapport is major. Keeping this in mind, Ms Setu geared us towards the basics of communication and how to impress with your words. She focused on, before you speak, listen! Communication is build up only when you are a good listener. Another thing is you have to tone your words correctly. Your intentions might be right but if your tone is incorrect; it can be a storm on a sunny day.

Women's day Celebration

The day ended on a happy note, with a grinding brainstorming session.

We believe that an Empowered Woman, Empowers Women, today and everyday.

Therefore, our session was a small step towards becoming an inspiration for every female out there.

Women's Day Celebration


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